Founded in April 2017, EXCIT3D GmbH focuses on software and app development at the interfaces to 3D technologies in order to open up new business potentials for its customers.

3D Projects

EXCIT3D supports and advises companies and organizations in optimizing their value chain through 3D technologies. This includes the specialist areas of software & apps, 360° solutions, 3D modeling, VR & AR, 3D modeling and 3D printing.

Software & Apps

EXCIT3D GmbH offers software & app solutions at the interface to 3D technologies. Programs such as 3D-Mapper, which creates 3D models using drone technology, Digital-Twin-Search, an Augmented Reality App designed for RWE Renewables GmbH, and a virtual city guide for the city of Wassenberg are only a few examples. Our portfolio is diverse and our services are individually adapted to our customers’ requirements.

360° Solutions

Our high-end 360° 3D cameras offer 8K or even 12K quality. 360° solutions for museums, theater, sights, retail, real estate and more can be fitted with waypoints, hotspots and 3D objects. Our “Quartier360” initiative brings together our projects in this area.

360° tours can be viewed on mobile devices, desktop computers and in Virtual Reality. Working with 360° photos, our designers model three-dimensional images of buildings, landscapes, sights, and more to create tours leading through the models.

3D Modeling

With the help of 3D technologies, we can quickly and precisely visualize and communicate numerous individual products and services. For this purpose, we combine the know-how of internal and external 3D artists and designers. Our 3D modeling ranges from buildings and simple objects to complex characters, which we can bring to life, for instance in virtual reality, through animations. Thus we can “resurrect” historical personalities or visualize the future for upcoming projects.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality

There are completely new options for visual 3D representations that provide advantages in product development, marketing, knowledge transfer and many other areas. EXCIT3D GmbH works with its customers to develop innovative Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for use in various industries.

3D Printing

The advent of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is creating new business potentials and make-or-buy options for industrial and service companies. With its expertise and wide network of partners, EXCIT3D GmbH helps with the implementation.

EXCIT3D GmbH is included on Futurology Life’s list of most innovative companies in the Virtual Reality sector in North Rhine-Westphalia.