The new opportunities for developing business models based on 3D printing and additive manufacturing are blurring industry boundaries.

The technology of the future will enable almost all industrial sectors and their service providers to exploit a wide range of applications and market opportunities. It opens up new potential for accelerating development cycles and manufacturing more cost-effectively. 3D printing enhances the ability to innovate continuously and bring products to market quickly.

3D printers are becoming more powerful, faster and cheaper. They have long since established themselves in the R & D departments of large companies. Only in the production and generally in the middle class their employment is still in the beginnings.

Therefore use the potentials now and gain a competitive advantage,

We advise you!

If you already have concrete ideas and a finished 3D model, we will take over your print job or find the right partner together with you.

Thanks to our cooperation with competent specialists, we are also in a position to answer all relevant business and technical questions regarding investment decisions, break-even points, make-or-buy questions, etc. in the context of additive manufacturing as part of consulting projects.

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