360 degree photos and videos for websites and VR have been offered for a while now. With EXCIT3D, we have now realized further developments, with which we achieve a far greater benefit for viewers and users. To be mentioned in particular:

  • Guided Tours for virtual and real exhibition stands with rotatable and scalable 3D models, which can even be displayed in augmented reality.
    The same applies to companies who want to present their products and machines in an impressive way and to museums and exhibitors who want to create impressive experiences for their visitors in a new way. It goes without saying that we work according to the latest technical standards in order to be fit for the future, for example in terms of resolution:
    8K for videos and 12K for photos.
  • 360 degree live streaming events,
    which offer artists and companies completely new possibilities to present themselves and their work.
    We stream 360 degrees in up to 4K resolution!


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