27. September 2021
  • 3D technologies fundamentally change the way “who” “where” “when” and “how” manufactures products. They enable a huge number of possible new products, variants, business models, Resource efficiency (sustainability) as well as cost and competitive advantages. With our services, you can benefit from the advantages of 3D technologies for your business success.


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Beratung zur Optimierung der Wertschöpfungskette durch 3D-Druck

3D Modeling

Nutzen Sie das Know-How unserer internen und externen 3D-Artists und Konstrukteure

3D Printing

Individuelle Massenfertigung, Rapid Prototyping und Rapid Tooling


Wir entwickeln Software an den Schnittstellen der 3D-Technologien

Virtual Reality

Produktentwicklung, Design, Bauteiloptimierung, Schulung, Marketing

Augmented Reality

Produktentwicklung, Marketing, Fernwartung

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