The 3DChat app is an innovative messenger service for the medical & many other industry applications.

3D-Messenger for Industries: Construction / Design

3D-Messenger for Healthcare / Surgery

The 3DChatApp combines the augmented reality display of 3D models with the possibility to communicate via audio and video. All chat participants can fade in 3D models and view them together.

They can rotate, scale, color mark and change the camera view of the same model.

This opens up completely new possibilities for many industries. Surgeons show bones with complex fractures to their colleagues and plan the optimal operation together. Product designers can discuss their 3D models internally or present them to customers.
Furniture dealers offer their customers the opportunity to place their products virtually in their own four walls and try out alternatives together with the consultant. Friends and acquaintances can also participate in the chat with their smartphones. There are no limits to the imagination. Please contact us: – +49 (0) 212 128 55 30

All chat participants can add 3D objects.

All chat participants can simultaneously rotate, scale & color the 3D models.

The 3D objects are also shown to the chat participants as augmented reality models.

Ad-hoc camera switching between chat participants is possible.

Audio voice communication works in parallel.