EXCIT3D develops augmented reality app for RWE Renewables

Pressemitteilung vom 15.10.2021.

Press Release: 15.10.2021

The new App “RWE AR Experience” allows customers and those interested in RWE Renewables to virtually experience a green energy facility. A rotating, talking wind turbine provides App users with interesting information in easy-to-understand terms:

Where does the renewable energy come from? How much electricity does the facility produce and what can green energy be used for?

The aim was to create an immersive Augmented-Reality-Experience. When the user has opened the App, read the instructions and pressed the start button, they can set the 3D modelled wind turbine on any sufficiently large surface. The App notifies the user as soon as it detects a suitable place. The indicative buttons also allow the user to get information and interact in a variety of ways with the “humanized” wind turbine. Animations can be activated that show, for example, how green energy can be used in homes or to power machines and so to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

This Augmented-Reality-Project was launched in a collaboration between RWE Renewables and the IT-Firm codecentric AG. The App design (UI/UX) and programming come from EXCIT3D GmbH. The App was recently presented at the RE-Source industry event in Amsterdam.

“Renewable energies” make an essential contribution to a successful energy transition. RWE Renewables is a leading international player in this field. We in EXCIT3D are delighted to contribute with this App to publicizing this theme.

The iOS-App runs on newer iPhones and iPads and can be downloaded here >>.

Press contact:

Ben Koch
+49 212 23286502