The Bergische Tarot App with Augmented Reality Innovations

Yvette Endrijautzki develops and designs a new tarot as deck and app: the Pille Palle Tarot! A tarot that refers to the Wupper region with Pina Bausch, Johannes Rau, Walter Scheel, Helene Stöcker, Else Lasker Schüler, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and many more.

To the traditional game type variant, EXIT3D contributes an app that has probably never been seen before in this way and combination. The tarot is brought to life thanks to the use of state-of-the-art 2D and 3D visualization technology:

  • With the app, the smartphone camera of the users* recognizes the respective card.
  • By tapping on buttons, text information about the card content can be displayed,
  • A suitable sound is played.
  • 2D animations are started
  • and by means of augmented reality animations, images that can be seen on the map become moving 3D objects. Birds fly over the maps and the elephant Tuffi walks over them.

The app will soon be available in the Google and Apple app stores.  The playing cards with the in the good and bad sense most formative persons of the Bergische history can then be ordered in the Nautilus online store. >>

Each card tells of the special features of our Wupper region, starting in Leverkusen and continuing through the ‘Bergische Drei’ to Marienheide. From the inventors, the pioneers, the politicians and philosophers to the Bergisch “Robin Hood” and Aunt Hanna. From emperors and trumpets to war criminals and prophets, the cards reveal piece by piece a part of our past.