The real remote avatar knows no curfew

Future dreams? A journalist from South Africa sits at his PC in his Johannesburg editorial office and takes his real avatar for a walk on the Rhine promenade in Düsseldorf. He starts a conversation with the baffled passers-by.

No, not dreams of the future! That’s exactly how it happened last year with our help. We don’t talk about future technologies, we realize them today.

Because our Real Remote solution offers exactly that:

  • You control your real avatar anywhere in the world.
  • You control the avatar vehicle in real time in the mobile network via your PC or laptop keyboard.
  • You see the images of the avatar’s onboard camera on your monitor
    and communicate with the onboard microphone and speakers.

This solution works, we can present and use it again at any time.

The visitor from a distance can even enter the far away reality with VR-glasses, and can use gestures to show the real avatar
control. But with a normal laptop or PC, anyone can easily do this as soon as we have the right conditions.

Isn’t that exactly in these times an answer to contact and curfew as well as to the ban on visiting museums, galleries and concerts?

With the Real Remote Avatar you don’t infect anyone and still you are live on site. Which museum, which gallery, which band, which theatre, which amusement park does not want to receive remote visitors who pay the entrance fee. But the solution is not only suitable for touristic purposes or concert visits, it can also be used in care or telemedicine.

Get in touch with us. Let us start a project together to realize exactly that.