A New Form of Advertising Communication

Starting this week, EXCIT3D is launching an exciting collaboration with PENNY Germany, PION3ERS, and RTL AdAlliance. Together, we are introducing innovative commercials into the “Unter Uns” universe on RTL every Monday and Tuesday. This partnership seamlessly blends technology and creativity in the realm of product placement.

The Innovative Approach: What sets our approach apart is the virtual product placement using digital 3D twins, seamlessly integrated into the realistic setting of the series. This technique allows products to be effortlessly woven into the storyline, providing viewers with an entirely new experience.

The Role of EXCIT3D: As a technology leader in 3D technologies, EXCIT3D plays a key role in this project. Our contribution includes 3D scanning of the products, placing them in the virtual world of the series, and rendering them for television broadcasting. Our expertise in 3D printing, 3D scanning, virtual reality and augmented reality, along with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), is essential for this process.

Advantages of virtual product placement:

  1. Flexibility: The use of digital 3D twins allows for quick and easy adaptation of content to current marketing goals.
  2. Inegration: The products blend so seamlessly into the series that the line between real and virtual becomes indistinguishable.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Utilizing virtual techniques can reduce the need for physical product placements and the associated logistical challenges.
  4. Target Accuracy: Precise targeting of the audience enhances the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

The collaboration with PENNY Germany, PION3ERS, and RTL AdAlliance demonstrates how innovative technologies can sustainably transform the advertising landscape. EXCIT3D looks forward to further developing these technologies and exploring new possibilities in advertising. We are proud to be part of this groundbreaking project and are excited about the upcoming challenges and successes.