App Story 6: WebXR for RWE Renewables

From Virtual to Augmented Reality: Our Applications Also Run in the Web Browser

With its app and software developments, EXCIT3D GmbH makes the future fields of augmented and virtual reality accessible in the web browser – no app download required. This works for normal or #PWA websites. And there are a lot of useful applications for this. We are, for example, happy to be able to contribute to the popularity of renewable energies with a WebXR solution.

In collaboration with RWE Renewables, we developed a groundbreaking 3D application that allows customers and other interested parties to virtually immerse themselves in the world of renewable energies. Users use their smartphones to discover a system for generating green electricity in the actual environment. A rotating, speaking wind turbine provides easily understandable information on how renewable energy is generated and how it can be used. Additionally, a factory powered by this energy as well as an illuminated daycare center demonstrate how the generated electricity can be utilized.

The special feature of this application is that users can access it directly via a web browser without having to download a separate app. After opening the application, they can place the 3D modeled #wind turbine on a sufficiently large surface of their choice. The app automatically recognizes a suitable plane and allows users to interact with interactive buttons and retrieve information. You can. for example, access animations that demonstrate how “green electricity” is used in homes and how it reduces the carbon footprint. >>

Check out these two videos on this >>


“Renewables” play a crucial role in the energy transition, and RWE #Renewables is a leading player in this field. At #EXCIT3D we are delighted to see our WebXR solutions help communicate this important topic.

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