Into the Future With Us: EXCIT3D Researches and Develops

The Bundesministerium für Bildung und Wissenschaft (Federal Ministry of Education and Science) has confirmed – with seal and certificate – that we are a company that researches and develops. Specifically, funding is being provided for a research project involving the use of AI and Mixed Reality for people in need of care.

Our system aims to make everyday life easier for people in need of care, alleviating loneliness, age-related depression, restricted mobility and chronic pain. With Tele Virtual Reality Therapy, patients will be able to interact with therapists and other people from home, which is particularly valuable for seniors with limited mobility.

By integrating the new Apple Vision Pro, we facilitate immersive experiences that seamlessly connect digital content with the physical world. EXCIT3D plans to use this technology to expand social and cultural participation of seniors.

Another focus lies on the application of machine learning that enables avatars to communicate with users with the help of AI and optimizes physiotherapy exercises. The simple, gaze-controlled operation of the VR system ensures a high level of acceptance and reduces stress during therapy.

With many years of experience in VR development, EXCIT3D is going to carry out patient tests in order to develop a medical product based on the genuine needs of patients. This sets the project apart from usual day-to-day business, illustrating the potential of VR in the therapy of people in need of care as well as people with limited mobility.

Our activities in research and development are not limited to this area of operation; other examples include:

  • Customizable AR tours explaining the phenomena of particle physics, with LHC-ErUM-FSP-Büro – this is a joint project of the four BMBF research focuses at Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
  • Mixed-Reality-AI-Solutions for KI-Studios at Fraunhofer IAO-Institut. In order to reach as many industries and regions in Germany as possible, Fraunhofer IAO launched an ideas contest in the fall of 2023 to find cooperation partners for an AI network. The winning ideas are characterized by creativity and thoughtfulness. With clear potential to make a significant contribution to the future of AI in the world of employment, we – as one of the winning teams – now have the opportunity to implement our ideas as part of the AI studio network and thus present them to a wider audience. More on the AI-Studio-Project >> 
  • DiNaT: Research on new digital and sustainable solutions in transportation and logistics in cooperation with IWT Wirtschaft und Technik GmbH. DiNaT focuses on the identification and targeted implementation of efficiency-enhancing solutions (products and services) in the field of transport logistics. It addresses current issues such as vehicle utilization (i.e. reducing empty runs), avoiding incorrect loads and supporting drivers in their search for overnight parking spaces. In addition, digitalization in the transport sector is addressed at the interfaces with the ecosystem and quality of service.