Fraunhofer IAO & EXCIT3D Virtually Demonstrate the Benefit of AI for the Construction Industry

“The Construction Pioneer” – A Journey through the Future of the Construction Industry with AI

We at EXCIT3D GmbH proudly present, in collaboration with Fraunhofer IAO Institutes, the innovative VR app “The Construction Pioneer” for Fraunhofers “KI-Studios” in Munich. The app impressively demonstrates how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change and optimize professions in the construction industry.

AI in Construction: From Planning to Commissioning

At a construction site numerous processes and work steps occur, from planning through execution to the commissioning of a building. Architects and construction managers play a central role in designing the building together. Tasks such as planning, delivery, warehousing, and craftsmanship are diverse and complex. This is where AI comes in: It supports professionals in their processes, optimizes them, and efficiently consolidates resources.

What Does “The Construction Pioneer”-Demonstrator Offer?

“The Construction Pioneer” enables a hands-on engagement with the complex requirements of a construction site. Users take on the role of construction manager and explore the 3D model of the construction project virtually. Various interactive tools are available to assist with construction site logistics and depict the future building in different construction phases. This allows users to check material storage with the associated data such as intended use, quantity and storage duration. By analyzing the amount of materials accumulated during the construction progress, the tool uses AI to suggest suitable storage locations on the construction site.

Benefits for Employees in the Construction Industry

“The Construction Pioneer” offers a unique opportunity to get to know the use of and collaboration with AI in complex construction processes. Users gain an understanding of AI-powered applications in essential workflows and tasks at construction sites. They can virtually explore construction sites and learn how AI is applied in various areas of the construction industry.

Relevant Applications of AI on a Construction Site

The use of AI is particularly relevant in construction site logistics. By optimizing material storage and delivery, efficiency increases and cost reductions can be achieved. In addition, other areas could also benefit from an AI approach, for example by improving safety on construction sites or making planning and monitoring of construction processes more precise.

This exciting development was realized by Anna Kreutz from Fraunhofer IAO in collaboration with EXCIT3D, demonstrating impressively how digitization and AI will shape the future of the construction industry. Get inspired by “The Construction Pioneer” and discover the possibilities of AI in the construction industry.

Core Team of the “KI-Studios” Project:

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO (Fraunhofer IAO) – project implementation
  • Institute of Human Factors and Technology Management at the University of Stuttgart (IAT) – project implementation
  • Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) – funding

Experience the future of construction sites now with EXCIT3D and Fraunhofer IAO!
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The “AI Studios” project is being realized by Frauenhofer IAO and the IAT of the University of Stuttgart, supported by EXCIT3D GmbH as a network partner and funded by the Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales (Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs).