Anime 3D Character Yuuki Demystifies AI

Yuuki Brought to Life for onliveline and Takeda

We are excited to report on a unique and transformative project that we successfully completed for Onlive GmbH. Our team at EXCIT3D GmbH had the privilege of modeling, rigging, and animating Yuuki, a 3D character from the anime world, who is set to play a central role in promoting AI education and transformation at Takeda.

Background: Yuuki’s Story and Mission

Yuuki’s story is a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation. Growing up in Osaka with her grandmother, a biologist searching for a cure for a rare disease, Yuuki inherits a passion for science and technology. She continues her grandmother’s quest by programming AI, yet remains cautious about the ethical implications of AI. To bridge this gap, Yuuki connects her brain with the AI, ensuring a balance between technological advancement and ethical considerations. Yuuki’s mission at Takeda is to demystify AI and help employees harness its potential. She made her first appearance during a major company event, where she delivered a keynote on AI in front of 400 employees. The event featured an interactive escape room format, encouraging participants to engage with AI in a playful and educational manner.Beyond this event, Yuuki continues to promote AI education through her Teams account, providing ongoing training sessions and encouraging the continued use of her escape room. Yuuki’s influence extends globally, as she delivers keynote speeches in various parts of the Takeda world.

Our Contribution

Our team applied its expertise to the meticulous process of 3D character modeling, rigging, and animating. We ensured that Yuuki looks natural according to anime style, that she moves appropriately, speaks, and interacts convincingly.

The project illustrates how storytelling and advanced technology can be combined to address complex topics in a dynamic and engaging manner. By creating Yuuki, we have contributed to a co-creative movement that promotes a holistic understanding of AI. A task we are also dedicated to in our development work for the Fraunhofer AI Studios, where we use Virtual Reality to describe the changes in the professional world brought about by AI in an immersive way.

Shaping the Future with Storytelling and Technology

Our collaboration with onliveline GmbH demonstrates the potential of combining narratives and technology to achieve significant changes.

We are looking forward to more opportunities where we can use our expertise in 3D modeling, rigging, and animating to create impactful stories and drive innovation forward.