Experience the synergies of virtual reality & 3D printing

3D printing conquers the medium-sized industry. And Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) no longer require immense development and advertising budgets. Companies can now optimize their products in the virtual world or increase sales with impressive VR presentations at the point of sale. 3D printing is no longer just about rapid prototyping, the topics have long been called “rapid tooling” and “mass customization”.

There are countless application areas for synergies of different 3D technologies. For example, when developing products, it can be advantageous to present prototypes using VR before they are manufactured as real models. 3D technologies can be meaningfully combined in production planning, design, marketing, sales and trade fairs. The tool specialist P.F. FREUND & CIE GmbH from Wuppertal was recently able to significantly increase the sale of its exhibits at a trade fair with a virtual reality presentation created by us. This was preceded by a 3D scan of a tool. A 3D-printed copy of the tool can be used in a virtual environment. There are also many possibilities in the field of medicine: virtual reality, 3D scanning and 3D printing, for example, can optimise surgical preparation.

Together with the BERGISCH INNOVATIV network and the 3D Netzwerk, we will be showing practical examples from this spectrum on 17. May at Schloss Burg, Solingen. In the historical ambience, you can try out the latest technology for yourself and test it for your own purposes.

We show absolute world novelties:

  • High-end VR glasses that work wirelessly with EXCIT3D technology and without a controller only with gesture control.


  • Complete immersion in virtual reality with 3D sound
  • Trying out different product variations for design as well as for research & development.
  • Mixed Reality with 3D Printing: Use and test 3D printed objects and tools in a virtual 3D 360 degree scenario.
  • Control and interaction with real objects (real avatar) at a distant real place from the virtual world.

Experience and test the new possibilities for your business application: 

  1. You decide for a time window (15-19 o’clock; In order to try out a run, you need approx. 45 min).
  2. We look after you individually and are delighted to answer your questions.
  3. Have a small snack in the historical ambience

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