Now the Bruce Willis movie “Surrogates” becomes reality: EXCIT3D’s world record remote car is almost finished.

The EXCIT3D Remote Car, with which a world distance record is to be broken, is currently undergoing final testing.

A modified version of the new Beetle XZ, a crawlee from Carson, is being used. An additional feature is a night vision camera. With a control variant with virtual reality cardboard that has also been completed, the drivers move emotionally very close to the spatially distant location. Simultaneous action of a person in two places in the world is not only real, it can also be felt and experienced.

EXCIT3D GmbH works in partnership with TAMIYA-CARSON Modellbau GmbH & Co. KG for RC vehicles controlled in real time via the Internet. As part of a world record attempt, three drivers from three continents will alternately control a train in Düsseldorf over 20 kilometres in real time.

Parallel to the completion of the vehicle, the control mechanisms were extended by VR cardboards and gamepad options. The drivers thus have a total of four control variants:

  1. Control via PC keyboard and monito
  2. Control via gamepad and PC monitor
  3. Control via smartphone and tablet PC
  4. Control via VR-Cardboard with Smartphone and Gamepad

The fourth variant is particularly spectacular:
Control via VR cardboard with smartphone and gamepad
If the driver turns his head with the VR-Cardboard, the camera of the distant vehicle moves to the same extent. The driver experiences the distant world very closely from the perspective of the vehicle camera. This creates the so-called second ego effect. This refers to the ability to act simultaneously in two places in the world. The film “Surrogate” with Bruce Willis sends greetings.