NRW Japan Steers our Vehicle from a Distance of 9,300 Kilometres

Last week the drivers were from Johannesburg, yesterday they were from Tokyo. The NRW Japan K.K., Japanese branch of the business development agency of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), saw for themselves how a vehicle with the EXCITED3D-Module can be steered in real time on the other side of the world, without having to put a foot outside the office door.

That means our remote vehicle has already been driven from three continents and our planned official world record for the Guinness Book of Records has moved tangibly closer. To mark this occasion a vehicle moving over twenty kilometres through a mobile phone network will be controlled consecutively by drivers from three continents via the internet.

The NRW Japan K.K. maintains contacts with numerous Japanese Start-up businesses from the fields of smart mobility, robotics and medical technology. In the future it would thus be possible to use our remote module for telemedical applications. German-Japanese cooperation could be possible in this area.

The EXCITED3D solution concerns the real-time remote steering of a real avatar of one’s own by means of VR (virtual reality) and our remote module. Depending on the application, the steering does not have to use VR, but, for example, a PC with a two-dimensional screen display is enough. See Real Remote Avatar.